Are You A LASIK Candidate?

LASIK is life changing. It can provide you with the freedom to wake up each day, jump out of bed and see the world clearly without fumbling for your glasses or putting in contact lenses. LASIK has already transformed the lives of millions of people just like YOU.  But the question remains:  is it right for YOUR EYES?

Take a quick second, and fill out as much information as you know about your eyesight and general health. The answers to these questions will give us a very accurate prediction of your candidacy for LASIK, and what visual results you can expect.

Updated:  Special for all PANDORA Listeners!

Book your YOUR LASIK Custom Vision consultation by July 31st, have your procedure by August 30th, and we’ll make your first 2 LASIK payments (up to a $400 savings)!  That means you can have LASIK today, see 20/20 tomorrow, and don’t pay a penny for 3  months!  Simply fill out the form after your candidacy test to request your complimentary LASIK exam to take advantage of this great offer.

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